David Conn

David Conn, an author of articles you read & one of the creators of NonGamStopCasinos.org, is all yours! I was born and raised in Leicester and graduated from the University of Cambridge back in 2008. I have a MEng in Computer Science, but there’s one thing that has always fascinated me even more, and that is gambling. When I was younger, I used to play poker with my friends for fun, but not long after, I discovered online casinos and the plethora of games available there.

Over the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the field, researching different brands, gaming products, casino software developers, exclusion schemes, and anything else related to online gambling. I decided to share my knowledge with you and help you with everything for your responsible play. I truly hope that you’ll enjoy your stay here!

My Path to the World of Online Gambling

I’ve always enjoyed card games, and when I got introduced to poker by one of my closest teenage friends, I knew that I’d play this game forever. Soon after that, I learned about blackjack and baccarat. Slots certainly got my approval, as well. What I like most about them is that they’re extremely diverse, and each one of them holds the potential for significant wins.

Since I love writing as much as I love casino games, I thought it’d be a great idea to share all of my knowledge in the iGaming field with other people. Apart from the games, during my vast experience, I’ve also researched online casinos and their specificities, focusing on the aspects all good operators should possess. I became an expert in reviewing brands and collecting relevant information about them.

I know that it may be difficult for new gamblers to discover reliable operators and enhance their knowledge in the industry on their own. For this reason, I’ve undertaken the mission of teaching you everything about online gambling.

Exploring My Education and Expertise

I’ve studied Computer Sciences at the University of Cambridge and have a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree. During my education, I had to conduct numerous research, and most of the time, my work was closely related to online gambling. I learned how to examine the safety measures of websites and their interface.

I also investigated different software developers, focusing on their products’ distinctive features, including visuals, optimisation, mechanics, etc. While working on my projects, I’ve met numerous gambling experts who have certainly helped me improve my skills even more.

My MEng degree in Computer Science serves as proof that I am qualified to examine different operators and to rate their performance and overall safety properly. Although I have considerable experience in the industry, I strive to learn new things on a regular basis and further improve the content I deliver.

Questions and Answers

In your opinion, how effective is the GamStop in helping problem gamblers?

I believe that self-exclusion tools like GamStop can be quite effective in helping individuals overcome compulsive gambling addiction. They’re designed to restrict players from accessing online casinos and playing with real money. However, during my experience, I’ve discovered many top-notch websites that are not part of GamStop’s list.

What’s your take on the future of online casinos and gambling?

Online gambling is becoming more and more prevalent. The number of active players increases every single day, and new casino operators emerge regularly. Therefore, I’m positive that this industry will develop even more in the future. More immersive gameplay and VR gambling are some of the things that may become present on the majority of casino websites.

What are your top picks for online casino games?

I’m a big fan of poker and blackjack, but both games require skills, and I know they’re not suitable options for a large number of gamblers. Therefore, I’d recommend the best alternative, which is online slots. They are amusing, diverse, and packed with numerous exciting features that will surely make everyone’s play super exhilarating.

Can you recommend some tips for responsible online gambling?

Gambling is fun, but only if you play responsibly. For me, responsible play is crucial, and I always advise my readers to prioritise it, as well. Budget management, time session limits, and deposit limits are some of the most effective tips one can follow to make their experience enjoyable and safe.

Could you share your thoughts on the legal aspects of online gambling, especially in the UK?

Gambling regulations in the UK are of huge importance, as they contribute to a much more secure experience. However, some of them may be quite limiting to players, which is one of the reasons why many active gamblers look for alternative non-UK online casinos.