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BetFilter Review

Betfilter is a software to block gambling sites. Developed with the help of the Center for Ludomani, Denmark, it focuses on simple and easy installation and relevant blocking of gambling sites and applications. The programme is 100% discreet and it comes with several features that might come in handy for anyone feeling the brunt of overspending.

As a leading blocking software in the domain of responsible gambling, it offers its services to all users across the world. It maintains its own directory of apps, IP addresses, servers, and domains that are related to online gambling – blocking your access if you try to make a connection to any of those.

How Betfilter Works

Aimed at compulsive gamblers, it can block any operator on any device, including mobiles and PCs, from accessing any gambling platform. They have a huge database of known gambling websites, applications, and operators. This database is not public.

Note that the software does not block all access to anything that has gambling in it. That’s a very rudimentary way and would also block a Google search for “gambling help,” for example. This software works by specifically blocking access to internet domains and IP addresses that your device or browser connects to when you access a gambling platform.

Changing your DNS setting will also not help and as an additional security measure, you will need to enter a password when trying to uninstall the app – a password that is provided by the Betfilter team and not set by you. Getting in touch with the Betfilter team to get the password can be plenty of time to revisit your urge to uninstall the app.

Overall, it’s a novel solution to a complex problem. The software is available on Windows PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, and iOS smartphones.

Highlighting the Main Features of Betfilter

All right, let’s talk about the main features of the app. Some features are truly excellent, such as customisable settings, but others might not be to your liking – such as potential overblocking. Read all the pros and cons in detail before making up your mind:

Pros of Using Betfilter

Let’s first tackle the advantages of using this software on your devices. Note that for the highest efficacy, you will need to purchase either the 1-year or the 2-year licence.

Preventing Access to Gambling Sites

It’s a software that can prevent access to gambling sites and applications. You can use it if the idea to self-exclude from non-GamStop bookmakers isn’t for you. Software like these are an excellent option to block your access to gambling sites while keeping the rest of your internet usage unaffected.

Customisable Settings

The software is highly customisable, allowing you to tweak settings for a more granular control over things. You can choose the level of control you wish the app to have, for example. These settings are localised, meaning you can set different settings on different devices, and are not cloud-controlled.

Compatibility with Responsible Gambling Programs

Anyone looking into the benefits of responsible gambling should rejoice. The software is not only recommended alongside many others on official responsible gambling resources, but gels nicely with other tools and exclusion programmes as well. Once it starts working, you’ve essentially joined an ecosystem that is trying to keep you from gambling.

Support for Multiple Browsers

As this is a device-based software and not a browser extension for blacklisting certain websites, it works on all browsers installed on your device. Basically, it blocks access to the domains, regardless of how you try to access those domains. It could be an outdated browser or the latest one – you will be stopped across the board.

Cons of Betfilter

No gambling block software is perfect. Neither is any self-exclusion programme perfect. There are always workarounds and problems. Betfilter is no different. Here are four glaring red flags that you should know about:


The software is although pretty reliable but its database is not fully optimised. Sometimes, you might not be able to open otherwise harmless websites. These websites are not related to gambling but might share keywords or characteristics, thus being flagged mistakenly for a gambling platform. Many websites nowadays have the “.bet” TLD, for example, and they run a high risk of being blocked even if they have nothing to do with gambling at all.

Possibility of User Bypass

People can bypass anything. You can bypass GamStop and you can bypass Betfilter. Though it’s not possible to bypass the software by changing your DNS settings or by using a proxy or VPN, you can just uninstall the software. This will prompt you for a password that’s been set by the Betfilter team, but with a simple conversation, you can get that password and remove the software.

Limited Effectiveness on Mobile Devices

There are a lot of gambling apps that will work on your mobile seamlessly even if you have Betfilter installed. This is because mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android take user privacy seriously and generally don’t let an app see what another app is connecting to. In this case, this works against your favour, allowing you to use betting apps or even open casino sites using your browser sometimes without getting blocked.

Limited Features in Free Versions

The actual value in the free version is up for debate. The paid versions are pretty versatile in blocking the access to all types of gambling platforms, but the free version is greatly dumbed down and remarkably easier to bypass or tiptoe around. This makes it a bad deal for many, especially when better blocking software is available for free.

Alternative Gambling Blockers to Betfilter

All right, so you’ve learned about the pros and cons of this blocking software and have decided it might not be right for you. Well, fret not. We have multiple gambling blockers as alternatives for BetFilter, ready to be installed and set up on your devices.


GamBan is a cross-platform gambling site blocker that comes with a slew of additional tools, such as setting personal goals, to ward off your temptation to open gambling sites and apps. Their database is pretty accurate and the chance to get blocked from accessing harmless websites is comparatively lower.


GamBlock is another leading software to block access to all types of gambling websites. It’s also available on all major platforms. Mainly focused on underage betting, it’s quite a comprehensive tool to block access to all types of gambling sites. It works through common workarounds such as using a VPN or using the Tor Browser. You can also add to the list of blocked sites according to your preferences.


SpelPaus is Swedish app is well-known for offering excellent tooling for blocking gambling sites. It’s the centralised self-exclusion system in Sweden and it recently hit the milestone of 100,000 users. Apart from the exclusion system, the entity also has additional tools that UK gamblers can use to stop themselves from accessing gambling platforms and signing up using their details.


NetNanny is is mainly a parental control and blocking software. As a general content blocker, it can be set up to block access to select gambling sites. Note that it has no database of gambling sites that will be automatically blocked by the software. If you’re a casual gambler who wishes to limit or block their access to a handful of websites, then this can work better than a browser extension by offering features such as setting limits, real-time monitoring of screen time, and more.

Betfilter: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betfilter free to use?

It does have a free version but that one is not recommended. The paid version comes in two variants – a one-year licence and a two-year licence. The free version has limited features that can still help casual gamblers or those only looking to limit their gambling, and not altogether blocking complete access.

How do I install Betfilter?

Go to the Betfilter website and the download options. If you’re on a mobile, tapping the correct icon will take you to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. On PCs and Macs, you can manually download the software and then install it. Sign up process can be done before installing the app.

Does Betfilter guarantee 100% blocking?

No. It has a pretty robust database of gambling domains and applications but it’s not perfect. New gambling sites are cropping up all the time that are hard to catch. Also, the software uses automatic filtering sometimes, tagging otherwise normal websites as gambling sites and blocking your access to them, which can be an inconvenience.

Does Betfilter replace professional help for gambling addiction?

No. Betfilter is just a software that you can install and set up on your end. It’s not created or operated by any organisation. The alternative you’re looking for if you’re after professional help for problem gambling or gambling addiction is GamCare – a comprehensive toolkit and resource centre with a dedicated helpline, live chat, WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger chat, anonymous chat rooms, and forums.

Can I Use Betfilter for Multiple Users on One Device?

Yes. You can use the software to log in and out of it. Note that the software is not tied to your account to offer its blocking services. It will keep blocking even if you’re logged out. As such, it doesn’t matter if you log out of your account and another user on the same device logs in – the blocking will be in place all the time.

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