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How to Delete All Gambling Accounts

Сlose to 250,000 UK residents are problematic gamblers. That’s according to the most recent gambling report by Public Health England. Unfortunately, the numbers won’t disappear overnight. How come? Well, it’s simply because there’s no magical button to delete all gambling accounts at once. GamStop was supposed to be a solution, but casinos not covered by GamStop started popping up left and right. It didn’t take them too long to overcome UKGC-licensed casinos.

If you or someone you know is at risk of gambling addiction, a timely reaction is crucial. The first part is to stop gambling altogether, which is why we prepared a comprehensive guide on how to close all gambling accounts quickly and effectively!

Reasons for Closing a Gambling Account

If you’d like to close your online casino account, you ought to have a good reason for it. The most common culprits are problematic gambling behaviour and issues with personal finances. No matter how harmless your reason might seem at first, it could quickly spiral out of control. If you’re struggling with gambling addiction, act immediately!

Gambling Addiction Troubles

The most common reason behind account closures is gambling addiction and/or problematic gambling in general. Players who suffer from gambling addiction have a hard time curbing their expenses and they often see the only way out through self-exclusion and account closure.

Losing Interest in Online Gambling

Gambling is a one-off thing for a good portion of people. Maybe, you aren’t interested in spending hours on end playing slots and blackjack or you just wanted to get a taste of the action and that’s it. After trying gambling out, most players’ interest wanes and they typically end up closing their accounts shortly after.

Unmet Expectations

The thing about online casinos is they always want to make the best possible first impression. That’s what matters the most – that’s what attracts new players and brings in tons of new registrations. However, only a small portion of online casinos actually meet players’ expectations.

Switching to Another Casino

If you’ve already switched to another casino (or you’re planning to), it’s a good idea to close the account you have at your current go-to casino. It should be done within 5 minutes and completely delete all of your personal information from the casino’s database.

Taking a Break from Online Gambling

Perhaps you’re just looking to take a break from online gambling? We’ve all been there. It’s a completely normal phenomenon. Online gambling is entertaining, but can quickly become monotonous. That’s why taking frequent breaks makes perfect sense.

Unsatisfactory Bonuses

In Britain, finding generous no deposit bonuses without GamStop is quite a difficult task. They’re all seemingly generous at first, but their wagering requirements paint a completely different picture. If you registered at an online casino for its bonus only to find out it’s not as good as it seemed at first, you’re best off deleting your account and looking elsewhere.

Privacy Concerns

Even though most online gambling platforms take good care of users’ personal data, there are some exceptions. If you’ve noticed a security breach or something along those lines in a casino you’re registered at, it might be good to close your account right away and double-check if the password you’ve used could compromise other accounts.

Legal or Regulatory Compliance

Sometimes, you’ll find out that you’ve been breaking your country’s gambling regulations (such as offshore gambling policies or age restrictions). While most people never get in any trouble for this, it’s best to act quickly, close the gambling account, and switch to a UKGC-licensed brand.

Different Approaches to Closing Your Gambling Account

Even though casino/sportsbook account closure seems like a simple deal, you can close your gambling account in several different ways. They’re not all the same, though. Some can be done automatically (without contacting customer support), some are temporary, while others are permanent and irreversible. More details are available right below:

Regular Closure of Your Betting or Casino Account

Regular closure represents an automated process that doesn’t require you to contact customer support. Some online sportsbooks and casinos have account closure settings within My Account pages. Once there, simply close your account and you’re good to go. In most cases, regular account closure is reversible and will reopen your account following your customer support request for reopening.

Temporary Account Closure

Some platforms only have the option to permanently close your gambling account. These platforms won’t allow you to reopen your account later on. If you’re only interested in a temporary account closure, contact customer support and ensure you’ll be able to reopen your account later. If you want a quicker way of temporarily preventing yourself from gambling, we recommend services like GamStop and GamBan.

Permanent Closure of Gambling Account

However, if you’re looking for a way to permanently close all of your gambling accounts, GamStop seems like the perfect solution. It features a permanent self-exclusion option, though it’s typically used as a temporary measure. But, it only works with UKGC-licensed brands. If you’re a regular at offshore gambling platforms, then you’ll have to manually close your gambling accounts.

Restoring a Closed Gambling Account

Not every gambling account closure is permanent. If you’ve closed your account, chances are you can restore it. Not in every casino, though. If you’ve closed your account, you need to understand that there are no guarantees you’ll be able to reopen it later on. But, this depends on two factors – your casino and the type of closure you’ve requested.

Regular Closure

If you’d like to cancel your casino account, head on over to your account settings and look for the Cancel button. Most online casinos have it. If you can’t find it, contact customer support and explain what you’d like to do. They should help you close your account quickly and effortlessly.

Temporary Account Closure

Most online casinos and bookmakers allow players to set temporary limits to their accounts. One of these limits is the so-called temporary betting account closures. It allows players to suspend/close their accounts for a specific time period (for a week, month, or year).

Permanent Closure of Account

If the website you’re registered at allows you to permanently close your account (emphasis on permanently), it most likely means you will not be able to reopen it in the future. That’s simply because permanent closure means exactly that it’s permanent and irreversible.

Gambling Account Closure vs Self-Exclusion

If a player wants to close their account, it means they’ve strongly decided that they won’t gamble on that particular site anymore. Closing their account on that particular site won’t affect any of their other casino accounts. While some online casinos do allow closed accounts to be reopened, most don’t.

On the other hand, players who’d like to register with GamStop have decided enough is enough and they’re ready to put an end to their online gambling habits, temporarily or permanently. GamStop is a popular service that prevents players who self-excluded from betting sites or casinos on UKGC-licensed platforms. GamStop, on the other hand, prevents self-excluded players from visiting online gambling sites.

Aspect Gambling Account Closure Self-Exclusion
Duration Indefinite (but some casinos allow accounts to reopen) Flexible (6 months, 1 year, 5 years)
Permanency Permanent for one casino Can be permanent too
Applicability Specific Casino(s) Multiple Gambling Sites
Effect on Gambling Habits Can Resume Gambling Restricts Access
Level of Control Over Account Player-initiated Usually Third-party

Final Thoughts

Deactivating your gambling account might be the best way to curb your gambling expenses. While gambling can provide hours and hours of entertainment and occasional excitement, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t have a strong character, you’re bound to succumb to the pressure and gamble way over your budget.

Self-exclusion and account closure to the rescue! Nowadays, most online casinos offer quick and effortless account closure. Those registered and regulated by the UKGC support responsible gambling tools like GamStop and GamBan which greatly help combat problematic gambling too. Gambling addiction is a serious issue: seek help and act now!

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