Privacy Policy

We appreciate you and respect your privacy. It is advised to read this privacy policy section before using our site. We wish to inform you that we do collect certain user data on a regular basis. If you have any, additional questions, want to know more, or have any related complaints, be free to contact us and we will assist you as much as we can.

What Data do We Collect?

There are two types of data we collect from all our users. Below you can see why and how we use the data. Keep in mind that your data is safe and sound. The first type of data we collect is unidentifiable user data. This includes browser, OS, country, language, and time of access.

The second type of data is all the details that can make a person identifiable or identify the user. Here we can see technical data such as screen resolution, OS, type of device, time zone, language, browser, IP address, and the device identifier (MAC, IMEI, and UDID). We also collect the duration of your visits, click, and the overall duration.

How do We Use this Data?

We use all the data we collect only if and when the law allows us. The data won’t and cannot be used for any other reason except the ones explained below.

  • The data will be used when needed for legitimate interests on our or your side and all fundamental rights that can be used to not bypass the interest.
  • When you give us your permission to use the data. We will notify you about the email and you will need to read and sign the form. You can change your opinion at any given moment.

These are the main reasons why we collect and use your data. There are two additional reasons why we do this and these are equally important. Always read the privacy policy before accessing our site. Your data may be used for:

  • To offer our services such as sharing the content and follow other users
  • To help you in case you have any form of issue using the site
  • For troubleshooting the services and features we offer
  • To analyze, test, and improve our service and therefore achieve better user satisfaction

All of the data we collect and we have explained above are mandatory to obtain for our, legitimate reasons and interests.

Non-personal data is used for analysis. This means:

  • To analyze the user desires and improve our services
  • To test the site, features, and future upgrades

How do We Collect the Data?

Your data will be collected in a few methods. The first one is when you contact customer support. You agree that that data will be saved and used. Secondly, we collect data when a user is navigating the site. This includes OS, time zone, browser, IP address, and more. Thirdly, we will use details from a service provider in case the user uses a smartphone or a tablet to access the site. If you sign for our newsletter, we will collect that data as well.

Сookies Policy & Tracking

Cookies are basically small documents that are transferred from our website to your computer and stored on the hard drive. These contain an identification number and are used for analytic purposes. You will have to accept using cookies in order to use the site without this notification.

We will use cookies to test and analyze the site and improve our services. After the testing period, your data will be removed. We will not share this data with third parties.

Cookies also make using the site faster and more reliable. Loading times are decreased while information re better, more accurate, and more secure. These files do not need nor use any access to your computer and won’t affect your personal information in any way. All users can accept or decline the use of cookies.

Sharing Personal and Unidentifiable Data about Users with 3rd Parties

We will not disclose your personal information except as explained in our privacy policy. Sharing data with companies that will provide you with related and important content, promotions, and more is allowed. Using the data to acquire statistical data about the use of the site is acceptable as well.

The website may share some of your data with other companies for business-related purposes and applications. When the site is sold, merged, or reorganized, sharing your data with the new owner is possible. We must share the data when the law requires that. We do not guarantee that the data will be shared with sites linked to our site or the ones that ours links to.

How do We Protect the Collected Information

We use SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology to ensure your data is encrypted and safe at all times. This is the safest technology of this kind. Keep in mind that in some cases the data may be shared with countries outside our country. When this happens, we will use additional safety technologies to make sure users get the ultimate level of safety in every single case.

When the data is shared with countries outside the European Union, we will use service providers specified by the European Commission in order to match the security of the data. When the data is shared with the United States, our users may have to sign and we will use Privacy Shield.

How Long do We Save Your Information

We may use your data as long as needed. However, at any given moment you are free to contact us and request from us to delete your data. We will do it and notify you once it is done. In addition, you can also contact us if you want:

  • To access your data
  • Correct your data
  • Transfer the data
  • Object of any actions
  • Restrict access to your data
  • Withdraw the request

Underage Users

The data may be used to verify your age. Using the site if you are under age 18 is forbidden. The legal maturity is used in this case scenario, meaning that in some jurisdictions you must be aged 21 in order to use the site. We may reject your application or your request if you are underage. If you know or you helped a minor using our site and services, you should contact us with specific information and we will react immediately.

Updating “Privacy Policy”

The privacy policy may be updated at any given moment. You should read it every single time you access the site and make sure you are aware of changes and modifications or any improvements and additions. We are not legally obligated to notify you when we update the privacy policy and we do not need you to accept a new version.